Can You Keep a Secret?

My poor 8 yr old, went to go to sleep the other night and started to cry…he asked me if I COULD KEEP A SECRET…and if I would PROMISE not to tell his daddy…He was so serious, and once I swore to secrecy ( and here I am sharing ), my heart raced and I was not sure what he was going to tell me…He started by telling me something TERRIBLE happened at school, when I asked him what it was and took my own big deep breath…He told me a GIRL KISSED HIM on the cheek after school program! And another girl said she is going to tell everyone at school tomorrow…and there he was crying for 20 minutes never wanted to go back to school! WOW…my sensitive boy…and having a teenager who is at the opposite end of the spectrum and who would not have blinked at this kind of situation (but gave/gives me other challenges)…. I know this is just the beginning of  a different kind of hardship for me…and the huge tears are still falling upstairs 😦

Where did life go that these were our troubles, our biggest problems….to live thru the eyes of a child…is to really live..


About kellysinfo

Well…At the request of some friends here is my BLOG! I have wanted to create a blog for some time now and as most of you know… I ALWAYS HAVE A LOT TO SAY! Sooooooooooo here is a page just for me and those that are interested in what I have to say, what you want to know, interesting stuff I come across and in general..things that will make you go “hmmm” . I hope you enjoy….thanks for stopping by and please leave a quick comment if you were here :)
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