Accept, Acknowelge and Let it Go

During and after the Oprah event, the one thing that really reached my core from listening to Oprah’s show is her repeating that when you are in a funk about something/someone and you have done all you can or your best…and/or you are having trouble coming to terms with the situation or person…take a deep breath and acknowledge what it is that is concerning/troubling you, accept it for what it is and then release that breath and let it go….Let go and let the divine energy/god/higher power or whatever your faith is and trust that it will be what it is to be fore you. Don’t hang on to it and give it this unnecessary power over you.

I guess this comes down to forgiveness as well…you can choose to hang onto something for a long time and let that feeling that is weighing you down hold you back or you can just look at it from the outside for what it is.You DON’T need to be okay with it to Acknowledge it or accept it for what it is but you do need to release it and LET IT GO…

Easier said than done, but when you repeat Acknowledge, Accept and Let Go…it’s interesting how just doing this exercise will change your breath and how you feel and magically the process of letting it go happens and you no longer are held by the emotion…you become detached from it and it no longer has the energy you were feeding….

Well this is what I took from it, others may have a different perception, but I believe you will understand what I have said and if it resonates with your core, then try it! After all nothing bad can come of it. :)


About kellysinfo

Well…At the request of some friends here is my BLOG! I have wanted to create a blog for some time now and as most of you know… I ALWAYS HAVE A LOT TO SAY! Sooooooooooo here is a page just for me and those that are interested in what I have to say, what you want to know, interesting stuff I come across and in general..things that will make you go “hmmm” . I hope you enjoy….thanks for stopping by and please leave a quick comment if you were here :)
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