Boston Marathon

I was shocked, angry, sad and scared today when I heard about the bombs that went off. The death of anyone during any kind of attack is horrific, but even more disturbed when you hear that one of the victim’s was an 8 year old! I have an 8 year old and I am so upset that an experience for anyone let alone a child had to end this way!

Now they are speaking of increasing security at public events and although I don’t disagree, will this really solve the problem we face today. Will these maniacs just go to schools/malls/bus stations/parks/gyms…I mean where will be safe.

What is the solution??? Can I draw back to parenting and instilling value’s, help for those that are mentally ill or cry that those that do not embrace and prove to really want to live in our country prove it before arriving?

Hate is all around us and I know this is not the last we will hear of something like this….I leave on this thought:

Just be the change, do what you can, when you can….be better than that! And whenever possible DON’T be that bystander obliviouspay ATTENTION be present. Perhaps one of us can stop something like this the next time.



About kellysinfo

Well…At the request of some friends here is my BLOG! I have wanted to create a blog for some time now and as most of you know… I ALWAYS HAVE A LOT TO SAY! Sooooooooooo here is a page just for me and those that are interested in what I have to say, what you want to know, interesting stuff I come across and in general..things that will make you go “hmmm” . I hope you enjoy….thanks for stopping by and please leave a quick comment if you were here :)
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