I choose Ocean (Female Energy)-updated

Are you the ocean or the ship?

I choose ocean!
But that means I must get of the ship! And that is so hard because I have been moving full steam ahead for so long…but here I go to try and embrace my female energy…
want to join me?

STEP 1: buy yourself completely girly..go crazy…pink socks/undergarments, p’j’s..really embrace PINK …. can you see me doing this…scary!

Step 2: let your man make decisions! no stepping in, no manipulating, go for dinner and let them completely choose the place and then order for you! Just an example, you choose anything and keep upping this until very comfortable. After all if your man came home and told you to get dressed and they were taking you to dinner! Who would  not love this!!

Step 3: you add..what else could we do to embrace our female energy…your comments appreciated.

Okay…so here is where this is coming from….More and more women are driving huge, steel rig steamboats in the ocean and they are only focused on getting to where they are going and missing everything around them. What they don’t realize is the ship is a man’s mentality and if they want to be more like a woman, then they need to accept that they are the Ocean.

The Ship (Man) cannot go anywhere without the Ocean (Female). The Ship can be delayed from the undercurrent the Ocean provides or can meet it’s destination from smooth sailing. Either way the Ocean is very powerful, can be ugly/mean/quick tempered/and change in an instant…hmmm..also sounds like mother nature! The Ocean can also be serine, beautiful, calm and peaceful. It can be simply breathtaking and inviting.

The Ship is focused on the end point, just getting there..full steam ahead. The Ship does not really care about what the Ocean is doing, just working around the Ocean to get from Point A to Point B. The Ship is on a mission.

Basically our energy can be male and female. More male or more female depending on things like hormones, what our careers force us to become and also the role we play trying to be supermom’s or that super independent woman. But this also depends on who you are deep down…and when you are not being true to you..then the balance is off and your inner self will be off….

Interested…read more on female and male energy and learn how to embrace your female energy if interested.

Here are a couple of links, if you want more, just search feminine vs masculine energy.  Let me know what you think!

Scroll down to see how you reject your feminine energy: http://www.thefemininewoman.com/get-the-17-attraction-triggers/







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